Shark Tank holds auditions in Washington

Photo: Steve Chenevey/WJLA

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - ABC's{}hit show Shark Tank has come to D.C. People lined up around the Convention Center Friday for the chance{}to try to impress the casting directors to land a spot on the show. Some of them even got in line on Wednesday.{}

The show{}features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of potential investors.

There was no shortage of ideas as part of this week's Kingonomics Summit, which uses Dr. Martin Luther King's economic teachings to promote{}entrepreneurship and{}innovation.{}Under so much pressure, how do you make a successful pitch?

"Have energy, be excited," says Scott Salyers, supervising cast producer. "Personality goes a long way. The sharks are people. They're not just looking at numbers. They buy into you just as much as they buy into your business or product."

The sharks{}have no idea what pitches they'll be hearing.{}

"I don't think people realize the only thing we know when they walk into the shark tank is their first name," says Mark Cuban. "It's not easy because you're making big decisions for a lot of money and it's our money."

Laurel's Willie Johnson pulled no punches with his family-friendly MMA pitch.

"Rather than reinforcing the violence that's plaguing our society, how can we take something that everybody loves and make it safe?" he asks.{}

Debbi Miller, who is trying to change the world one muffin at{}a time, joined the hundreds hoping D.C. is their launching pad for fame and fortune.{}

Washington was the show's last of seven auditions.

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