Six-year-old girl shot in the leg at a playground in Northwest D.C.

(WJLA) - Gunshots interrupted what was supposed to be an evening of peaceful play on a playground on Morton Street in Northwest Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m.

A gunman caused moments of pure terror, as he opened fire into a crowd of adults and children.

Children ran, but a six-year-old girl did not escape without harm, being shot in the leg before she could get away.

A neighbor quickly grabbed the little girl as she ran through the courtyard, while a 25-year-old man – whom sources say was the intended target of the violence – was hit in the back. His aunt told us that he was spending time with his pregnant girlfriend when the gunman reportedly rode up on a bike and tried to rob her nephew.

He managed to run to a nearby convenience store and hide, and the store’s manager told us they turned surveillance video over to police this morning.

While the gunman managed to get away, police increased the reward for his capture to $10,000 on Wednesday.

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