Teacher who confronted Scott Pruitt in restaurant reacts to news of his resignation

Teacher who confronted Scott Pruitt in restaurant reacts to news of his resignation

A DC private school teacher who made national headlines after confronting EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt at a restaurant is reacting to the news of his resignation.

Pruitt announced his resignation just three days after teacher and Silver Spring resident Kristin Mink confronted him while he was at a table at the restaurant Teasim in Penn Quarter.

In the video Mink posted to Facebook, it shows her telling Pruitt he should resign as she holds her young son. She refers to notes and recites a list of accusations against him.

“Not in a million years did I think this would happen. You know, so quickly,” Mink told ABC7 Thursday in reaction to news of Pruitt’s resignation.

“When I first heard the news, I was quite literally jumping up and down, really, really excited. That was short-lived, because then I saw who Trump had appointed as the interim, and it’s a coal lobbyist.”

The former lobbyist Mink referred to is EPA deputy Andrew Wheeler, who President Donald Trump chose to become acting EPA administrator.

Mink’s confrontation with Pruitt is part of a controversial trend of Trump administration members being confronted while out in public.

ABC7 asked her to respond to critics who say such actions are uncivil.

“I think that the civility discussion is a distraction,” she said. “I think it’s obviously a distraction by the right. Look at who their commander-in-chief is. The least civil person you can possibly imagine.”

Mink does not take credit for Pruitt’s resignation, but does say what she did helped in “turning up the heat” on Pruitt.

“I hope that this empowers everyone out there to know that it’s important to speak up. They have the right, they have the responsibility, they should do it,” she said.

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