Scandal cast committed to fan interaction

    If you've checked your Twitter feed, chances are it's filled with tweets about Thursday night's episode of "Scandal."

    And not only are fans sharing their reactions, the cast is also online.

    The cast of the show Scandal is incredibly committed to interacting with their fans, so every Thursday night, they live tweet during the East Coast and the West Coast air times.

    It’s the first show of its kind to commit so many resources online. But it's paying off royally.

    When a cliff hanger episode of Scandal ends, it's actually just the beginning.

    The online conversations go on for weeks with fans analyzing the possible implications of every word and gesture.

    But fueling this online frenzy are the cast-members themselves who engage viewers worldwide with live chats on Twitter.

    It's a ride fans enjoy so much, there are now online scandal discussion shows.

    And the cast has sent thousands of tweets and personal messages.

    Tony Goldwyn made a video from the Oval Office set - it's that kind of personal interaction that's created a deep connection.

    Cast members know what viewers want and sometimes deliver - but more often bring surprises that leave gladiators restless during a hiatus.

    But before the summer hiatus, there is one more episode to Season Two and the finale promises to bring the biggest surprises yet.

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