Santa Claus visits kids at Inova Children's Hospital

Santa Claus visits kids at Inova Children's Hospital. (Photo: ABC7)

“Santa, I have Mason here,” one of Santa’s helpers said into a walkie talkie, “he just wants to ask you for one more thing for Christmas.”

“Go right ahead!” Santa replied quickly. He stood just outside of Inova Children’s Hospital in a firetruck, waving to the kids inside and chatting via walkie talkie.

“I would like cancer to be ended.” 11-year-old Mason Whitten replied, staring out the window at Santa.

Mason, a sixth grader from Ashburn, Virginia, was diagnosed with Leukemia in second grade.

“I think that’s easy enough,” Santa replied to Mason. “Let me see what we can do, but I’m sure we can work that out. You keep being awesome, okay?”

Santa teamed up with the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department on Thursday, spreading holiday cheer at Inova Children’s Hospital.

For the kids, it’s a chance to forget about the appointments, machines, and medicines.

“I feel great anytime my kid lights up and finds something to be enthusiastic about,” said John Whitten, Mason’s dad.

Santa and his helpers went room to room, greeting the kids and giving out gifts.

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