Rush Limbaugh, Va. AG Cuccinelli attack Cheh, alleging D.C. rat relocation plan

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh is under attack from Rush Limbaugh and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli who are making it sound like D.C. is systematically relocating rats to Virginia.

Cheh sponsored a bill requiring that wild animals that get into D.C. residences have to be removed humanely.

But Cuccinelli called into a radio program and claimed that it applied to rats.

"They have to relocate the ratsand they cannot break up the families of the rats," he said.

And then Limbaugh picked up Cuccinelli's comment and ran with it.

Limbaugh repeats Cuccinelli’s error and adds another, mistakenly identifying Cheh as the councilmember who sponsored D.C.’s tax on plastic shopping bags. That bill was sponsored by Councilman Tommy Wells.

Now Cheh says she has been bombarded with angry emails from Limbaugh fans. Some of the emails are obscene, she says.

For the record, D.C. has an agency for rat abatement. And they kill the rats. They don’t locate them in family units to Cuccinelli’s Virginia--or anywhere else.

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