Robert Murphy, Daniel Padgett arrested for alleged diesel fuel thefts in Anne Arundel County

Robert Murphy and Daniel Padgett were arrested in connection with fuel thefts. (Photo: Anne Arundel County Police)

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - Anne Arundel County police arrested two men in connection with a two-month investigation into diesel fuel thefts in the county, including from cell phone tower back-up generators.

Police arrested Robert Douglas Murphy and Daniel Guy Padgett on Aug. 31, who police learned about after receiving a tip. Murphy is accused of stealing hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel from the generators.

Both men are facing charges of theft and destruction of property, among others.

Police say Murphy was seen stealing diesel fuel from an AT&T tower back-up generator in the 8200 block of Veterans Highway in Millersville using large plastic containers, a generator and a Ford F-250 truck.

On Aug. 31, Murphy was again seen stealing fuel, this time from a Verizon cell tower back-up generator in the 600 block of Ritchie Highway in Severna, police say..

Police say they served warrants on Padgett and Murphy’s residences and discovered a cache of weapons. Police found a Tech 9 loaded at Murphy’s bedside with a rubbed out serial number.

Sandy Arnett is a spokesperson for Verizon, a frequent victim.

“Even in the last month, we've had two of our locations right here in Anne Arundel that were hit,” Arnett says. “If we're not able to fuel our backup generators there’s a good chance our customers will lose service if the power goes out.”

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