D.C. rideshare driver missing for nearly 3 weeks; friends fearing the worst

Musba Shifa (Courtesy of friends)

A detective from the Metropolitan Police Department visited 43-year-old Musba Shifa’s apartment on Tuesday evening.

It has been nearly three weeks since he returned to the apartment, according to his close friends.

“We see each other, at least twice a week,” Nebyu Muzemil said. “We’ve been driving around trying to locate his car, but nobody has located his car.”

Said Aahmednur Fella, "Around the 21st, 22nd, we noticed, we called him, he’s not answering his phone."

Friends say Shifa, who is a bachelor with no kids, worked as an Uber and Lyft driver six days per week.

They believe he was out picking up customers, the day he went missing.

“He’s always around us, anytime you need him, he’s there for us,” Fella said. “This is unusual, this is not his personality, anywhere he go, he call one of our friends.”

“But this time, he’s not texting, he’s not calling back,” Fella said.

Shifa moved from Ethiopia 13 years ago, but he has only been in D.C. for about five years, according to Nebyu Muzemil.

Fearing the worst, his friends are begging the community to keep their eyes peeled for his SUV.

“It’s a black Honda HRV, tag number is FK6855,” Muzemil said.

Uber says they are working with police on the investigation.

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