Retired racehorse Lucky Bid hits the jackpot, heads to new home in W.Va.

Lucky Bid enjoying his new home in West Virginia (Courtesy: Cindy Kontz)

It was a bittersweet day at Paradise Stables in Mount Airy.

Lucky Bid, the retired racehorse that was left abandoned in January, has found his forever home.

"We're really happy for Lucky and we're really going to miss him quite a bit," said Elizabeth Tate, owner of Paradise Stables. "I think Lucky hit the lottery and didn't know it, he just doesn't know how special he is."

The 15-year-old thoroughbred has quickly become a celebrity. Hundreds of thousands of people watched and shared his special story on ABC7 News two weeks ago, and the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center has fielded hundreds of calls.

"All across the country and even a couple outside of the country," said Shari Kalina, the adoption manager for the shelter. “It’s an amazing feeling and he’s a beautiful horse and he deserves this.”

Lucky Bid won more than $140,000 in winnings competing around the country. He was destined for greatness, and is a descendant of War Admiral. But the thoroughbred is nursing a leg injury, and was left at a boarding facility in Damascus by his former owner. He was rescued by the shelter, and was staying at Paradise Stables as he waited for a new home.

"Do you want to come home?" asked Gary Francart, as he fed Lucky Bid a carrot.

On Thursday, Lucky Bid was off to a sanctuary at Sleeping Fox Farm and Thoroughbred Rescue in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

"There's a huge reward for watching a horse recover and rehabilitate from injury and starvation or neglect," said Angie Francart, who was drawn to Lucky Bid’s story after seeing it circulate on social media. “Our friends all know how partial I am to gray horses and to the rescue networks.”

"We’re lucky, and our hearts and our resources will get sunk into bringing that horse back to health," Gary Francart said.

The Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center selected the Francart family knowing Lucky Bid will never be expected to race again.

“We wanted him to live a retired peaceful life grazing with other horses,” Kalina said.

Lucky's Bid's story has a happy ending, but not every horse gets saved. The shelter is hoping this can help bring more attention to other horses that get abandoned every day.

"He's a lucky boy,” Malina said.

After hugs and tears, Lucky Bid was loaded onto a truck and pulled out of Paradise Stables to live a lap of luxury.

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