Restaurant owners, workers urge DC Council to overturn Initiative 77 after voter approval

Initiative 77 (ABC7 photo)

Restaurant owners and workers are calling on the DC Council to overturn Initiative 77 after voters approved it in the District's primary in June.

Initiative 77 requires restaurants to gradually increase the minimum wage for tipped employees so that they, like other workers in the nation's capital, will eventually make $15 an hour.

The ballot measure passed with 55 percent of the vote.

ABC7's Sam Ford reports the city council seems poised to get rid of the law.

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Opponents of Initiative 77 have said it will impose crippling costs on restaurant owners and force independently-owned restaurants to close their doors.

Some servers and bartenders have also argued that they make more than $15 an hour in tips.

They believed not all voters knew what they were approving. Opponents of Initiative 77 said they would turn to the DC Council for help.

Prior to the approval of Initiative 77, tipped workers in the District made just $3.33 an hour. Under Initiative 77, they would make $15 an hour by 2026.

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