Residents of Md. domestic violence shelter hopeful in New Year

Residents of Md. domestic violence shelter hopeful in New Year. (ABC7)

ABC7 introduced a group of women before Christmas. They are victims of domestic violence whose identities we are protecting.

Having fled the danger at home they are residents of the only shelter available to women in their predicament in Prince George’s County. A shelter they say was filthy and mold infested.

After they shared their story the executive director of the charity which operates the shelter was fired and now the women have been placed in a hotel.

The new executive director of the family crisis center in Brentwood told ABC7 by phone that the women’s concerns are being taken very seriously and the shelter is essentially being made over.

The top priority she says is to find permanent housing for the women and their children, to repair and clean the shelter which she admits was filthy, and to replace some staff members and retrain others.

The women have been told they’ll be back in the shelter by Friday and now they have a new concern.

“We’re just afraid everything we’ve complained about is not done,” one woman said.

The director’s reply is that work at the shelter, the location of which is secret, might not be complete but it will be safe. ABC7 will stay on the story to find the result.

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