Residents join police to fight crime in D.C. neighborhood

Residents join police to fight crime in D.C. neighborhood. (ABC7 photo)

A small group was 'walking the beat' Friday evening, in D.C.'s Carver Terrace neighborhood.

Only about a dozen people--citizen volunteers, accompanied by two police officers.

"We don't want a bloody summer. So we are the firewall between escalating crime," ANC Commissioner Kathy Herderson said.

Their goal was to simply walk and to have a presence in a neighborhood that had seen its share of crime.

But change is not easy. On April 30, just before one of these public safety walks, a domestic homicide in which a young man was shot dead, shocked the area.

Then just two weeks ago, after another walk, a man was gunned down in the street.

"He was minding his business and someone prevailed upon him in a drive-by shooting and thankfully this is not a homicide," Herderson said.

Henderson is hoping these walks will build a bridge between police and the community.

Delishia Gilliam hopes this outreach will keep the neighborhood safer for her children two-year-old Dream, and 1-year-old Anthony.

"I'm 22 and you know, knowing people my age that's getting shot and things like that, that's the whole point of the safety walk," Gilliam said.

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