Report: Columbia, Maryland ranks No. 1 as safest city in America

Graphic of Columbia, MD. (AP file image)

A new report by ranks Columbia, Maryland as the number one safest city in America.

The rankings were based on home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety.

Following this criteria, Columbia ranked fourth overall in home and community safety, 63rd in natural disaster risk, and 34th in financial safety giving the city an overall score of 85.98.

Wallet Hub compared 182 cities including the 150 most populated cities, and at least two of the more populated cities in each state.

Cities that finished behind Columbia were South Burlington, Vermont at no. 2, Plano, Texas at no. 3, Virginia Beach, Virginia at no. 4, and Warwick, Rhode Island at no. 5, according to Wallet Hub.

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