Reeco Richardson trial: Reeco found guilty of misdemeanor

Kyree Nelson and Emmanuel Nelson were killed in the crash.

The sole survivor of a fiery crash at Chevy Chase circle on trial for car theft was found guilty Friday of being in a stolen vehicle.

Reeco Richardson, 19, was convicted of unauthorized use of a vehicle and rogue and vagabond, both misdemeanors. The jury was hung on the more serious car theft charges.

"Today, Mr. Richardson was held accountable for his involvement in the tragedy at Chevy Chase circle where three people died as a result of "joy-riding" in a stolen vehicle," said Ramon Korionoff, spokesman for the Montgomery County state's attorney.

He is set to be sentenced Dec. 12.

Richardson was one of four people inside a stolen vehicle that crashed in March. Reynard Osman, 16, of Washington died at a hospital on March 28. Two cousins, Kyree Nelson, 16 and Emmanuel Nelson, 15, also died in the crash.

Osman was driving the vehicle.

Authorities say the four victims were traveling through Montgomery County in a car that a patrol officer found had been reported stolen. Police say officers tried to stop the car, but the driver sped away.

Authorities say the car traveled south on Connecticut Avenue before crashing into a tree at Chevy Chase circle and bursting into flames.

The trial attracted attention in part because prosecutors asked a judge to shut down a web site set up for Richardson, Justice for Reeco, because they were afraid the site could influence jurors.

Richardson and his lawyers claim the video shows the teens stopped when police lights came on and that a patrol car slammed into them causing the fatal crash and fire.

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