Rain floods roads, knocks down trees in Montgomery County

Friday’s rain was all it took to create major problems in Montgomery County. Torrential rain made visibility extremely difficult for commuters heading home, and evening crews spent hours repairing power lines and cleaning up debris.

Once the ground became saturated and streams and creeks overwhelmed, things got dangerous. Power lines snapped and sparked small fires in Bethesda. As of 10:30 p.m., power had been restored to more than 11,000 Pepco customers, the company said.

A number of trees were uprooted, one massive trunk closed busy Tuckerman Lane for hours.

Even emergency vehicles were forced to re-route. At times the rain was so strong, it quickly created standing water. Police had to block off roadways.

The swollen Cabin John creek had no choice but to jumps its banks. Just blocks away, a tree toppled feet from a church. The property suffered some damage, but fortunately no injuries.

While members assess the damage, they describe this as divine intervention. It is the second time the small church was spared from being smashed.

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