Driver yells racially charged insults at Virginia man in road rage incident

Video of racially charged rant in Fairfax County goes viral

Arsalan Ghousi says before he pulled out his cellphone on Sunday, he was being followed by an unidentified driver who was filled with road rage.

“Basically I needed to merge in front of him. It was my turn. The vehicle in front of me merged in front of another vehicle. Once they passed it was my turn, he just got upset,” said Ghousi.

He says when he realized the driver was following him to his home, he decided to pull over on the side of the road and that’s when the racially charged insults started.

By that time, he was recording a video on his cellphone. That video has now been shared more than a thousand times.

“As soon as he got near me, he clenched his fist and he was spewing all those words,” said Ghousi.

Ghousi, who was born in Alexandria, was highly offended.

His parents came to the United States as refugees from Afghanistan in 1986.

“I really posted the video..because I wanted awareness out there about the situation,” said Ghousi.

In a statement, the Reston Association’s CEO acknowledges that the man in the video once worked for their organization:

"Reston Association became aware of a video posted on social media today that shows a former RA seasonal employee making inappropriate comments to a man seated in a vehicle. The association strongly condemns the remarks made by the former employee, who briefly worked at RA from March-August 2015.
As an organization founded on Robert E. Simon Jr.’s vision of a community that embraces diversity, RA rejects comments or actions that display intolerance. RA members and staff support the core values upon which our community was founded. As an organization, we strive to meet the unwavering standards of our members and remain the respectful and welcoming community that was founded over 50 years ago.
Larry Butler,
Acting CEO, Reston Association"

“I see that there’s a lot of people that are very angry at him and I wouldn’t want any harm towards him, but I hope he can change himself for the better,” said Ghousi.

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