Raccoons invade walls, ceilings at Suitland Forest Apartments

Dozens of people at a Forestville apartment complex say they are under attack. The assailants have taken up residence in their walls and above their ceilings.

Almost every resident of the Suitland Forest Apartments say they have had an encounter with a raccoon.

"You hear scratches. It's like a horror movie," said resident Donna Williamson.

They say it gets worse at night.{}

Monroe Williamson, another Suitland Forest resident added, "I can hear them while I am in the shower scratching trying to come through the walls."

One resident says a raccoon fell through the shower ceiling.

Meanwhile, tenant Alfred Flowers said it's not the noise so much as the problems the raccoon's cause.

"The raccoons are urinating and it drips down and comes down here all the way from the ceiling," Flowers added.

The residents said they have complained repeatedly, but the raccoon infestation persists.

Tuesday, a repairman told ABC7 he had just had a raccoon encounter.

"Oh, he is in there...when I crawl up in the ceiling in apartment, he was there," the worker said.

Some here say they want the problem solved before someone gets sick or hurt.

Flowers exclaimed, "It's, it's just not safe, and it is extremely unsanitary. Someone needs to take care of it."

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