Pumpkin thief sign in D.C. creates internet sensation

    WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A mother in Northwest Washington is getting a lot of attention for the way she's venting anger at a thief who stole her son's Halloween pumpkin.

    LeDroit Park resident Becky Reina says her family carved four pumpkins a little over a week ago -- one to represent her, one for her husband, and one each for her two-year -old son Tommy and infant Abby.

    "On Thursday we came out and there were only three pumpkins," Becky said.

    Someone had stolen Tommy's pumpkin.

    "Pumpkins get smashed, pumpkins get stolen, of course," Becky said. "I was really just mad because it was only his pumpkin [they stole]."

    To vent her anger, Becky made a cardboard sign that is now displayed on the family's front porch. It reads as follows:

    "To the person who stole my son's pumpkin: Thank you for the life lesson, this will help teach him that sometimes people are mean for no reason, and you have to just brush it off. Because my son is two years old and cannot read the sign, I will add, you are an ***hole."

    It's that last sentence, uncensored on the actual sign, that has made Becky's message an internet sensation.

    Becky says she's been contacted by media outlets as far away as England who have featured the sign online.

    It's also gotten the attention of the neighborhood. Monday night folks walking by stopped, stared, and even took pictures.

    Becky says neighbors found several smashed pumpkins about a block away from here home, and she thinks Tommy's pumpkin was one of them.

    Becky has no way of knowing if the thief has seen the sign, but she hopes so.

    "I do hope they see the sign, and I hope they feel bad about it," she said.

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