Provisional vote count ongoing in 1 more Virginia House race

Joshua Cole, the Democratic candidate in the 28th District, lost by 84 votes at the latest count. He raised questions about why 55 absentee ballots were not counted. "We don't know whether they were for me or for my opponent but we do need to have those votes counted," he said. (ABC7)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Provisional ballot counts have not changed the standings in two House of Delegates races that could determine control of the chamber. Efforts are still under way in a third.

Local electoral boards met Monday to count provisional ballots, which voters cast when they arrive without a photo ID. They have to provide a copy later.

In the 28th District race between Republican incumbent Bob Thomas and Democrat Joshua Cole, the Stafford County electoral board delayed a decision until Tuesday. A dispute over 55 absentee ballots is also unsettled.

In the 94th District in Newport News and in northern Virginia's 40th, the GOP incumbents remained ahead.

Democrats have picked up 15 seats so far. If they flipped one more, the chamber would be tied.

Recounts are possible in all three races.

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