Protesters rally in D.C.'s Chinatown over police-misconduct cases

Protesters rally in D.C. over police-misconduct cases (Dwayne Myers/ABC7)

The carefree vibe in bustling Chinatown was purposefully interrupted Thursday night by sobering rage directed at police brutality.

"And today we march for those who can't," says a protester toting a bullhorn.

A number of groups, including Black Lives Matter, stopped traffic at 7th and H to protest a long list of law enforcement incidents that have left African Americans dead.

"Tamir Rice can't celebrate. Sandra Bland can't celebrate. To inject this message in their name, into the conversation and keep people thinking and talking about it and hopefully acting too, "says Eugene Puryear with Stop Police Terror Project DC.

Their latest injustice: no indictment for the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed Tamir Rice thinking the 12 year old was a threat when in fact the child was carrying a pellet gun.

Protestor Biola JeJe says, "There are so many black people who should be alive right now but aren't due to police brutality."

They marched for several blocks then blocked busy New York Avenue all the while reminding each other that if they want results this movement must be a marathon.

Puryear says, "And so we're resolving to go into 2016 to continue to raise the issues that black lives matter, to continue to raise the issue of police accountability and all of the context that surrounds it as we've seen it in cities like Baltimore."

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