Protecting a Potomac farm

UPDATE: The County has extended Nick Maravell's lease to stay on the land until August 15, 2012. The trial has been dropped.

Nick Maravell is headed to court in two days to fight for land he's called home for three decades.

Maravell has leased the farm property from the Montgomery Board of Education for 31 years. But his lease runs out at the end of the year and the county has told him that they are taking the land back with plans to turn it into youth soccer fields.

Maravell has filed an injunction against the education board, trying to get his lease extended until the legal issues are sorted out.

He's got the support of many of his neighbors.

Maria Fusco is one of dozens of people throughout the Potomac neighborhood with a bright green “Brickyard Coalition” sign in the front yard.

She is also one of thousands who have signed a petition to save the farm.

“Please give us an opportunity to explain why we don't want this to happen,” Fusco says.

People living in this area say they have nothing against soccer or soccer fields. What they have a problem with is the fact that the county changed this lands use without getting the public input.

Neighbors are also bringing their own legal battle against the county, hoping that this two-pronged approach can save the farm.

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