Prince George's County Schools pass new budget with sweeping changes

    FILE - Photo of Prince George's County Public School building

    Prince George’s County Public Schools just passed a sweeping new 2 billion dollar budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year with major impact across the District.

    The school system's budget goals included funding critical student-centered initiatives, increase transparency, and accountability.

    It committed $46 million dollars to retain and recruit a high-performing workforce, which includes prioritizing new salary increases to make PGCPS competitive with neighboring school systems.

    The school system is pouring $4.2 million dollars into additional security, including monitors and door lock upgrades, and $12 million into smaller-learning environments, including a kindergarten target class size of 23 students.

    It also allocated funds to hire 21 new school psychologist positions and 18 social service workers.

    The District is also converting 38 half-day preschool classrooms into full-day classrooms.

    The new budget rolls into action on July 1, 2019 and runs until June 30, 2020.

    “I am so proud of the new PGCPS School Board, " said Ed Burroughs, the PGCPS Board of Education member for District 2. "We set through hours of public testimony and ultimately passed a very responsive and quality budget. This budget increases employee pay and mental health services for our students. It speaks volumes that this budget passed unanimously. Every member rolled up their sleeves to contribute in a significant way."

    You can read the board's summary of the 2020 budget here.

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