Search for answers following police raid mistake in Prince George's County


A police source has told ABC7 News narcotics officers were working with "good information" from a confidential informant Wednesday night but did not investigate it properly, leading nine officers right into a confrontation that could have been deadly.

"I've dealt with many cases where residents are shot and killed by the police and cases in which warnings were not given or ineffective," attorney Terry Roberts said.

Officers arrived at an apartment in the Lorring Park Apartments community looking for a known drug dealer, but instead they were met at the door by a shotgun blast.

A man, who police sources describe as a federal government employee, grabbed his 20-gauge shotgun to protect his adult daughter and himself. Two officers were shot by a man inside who thought someone was attempting to break into the apartment.

Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski said officers did announce themselves.

"Our investigation led us to the wrong address, however, we did not serve a search warrant at the wrong address," Stawinski said at a Thursday news conference.

Stawinski and State's Attorney Angela Alsobrooks have agreed that the man will not be charged criminally for his actions. Stawinski also said his department will hold off on executing search warrants for now.

"We're going to be reviewing our methods to come up with a new set of standardized practices to make sure this doesn't happen again," Stawinski said.

Roberts said he welcomes that action and the chief's concern.

"Hats off to the police chief. It's rare to see that happen. Many times in the past, I've seen police departments and chiefs take a position of defending the officer no matter what he or she has done," Roberts said.

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