Prince George's County Police create bonds with kids at life and leadership camp: Photos

Prince George's County Police create bonds with kids at life and leadership camp. (PGPD)

For Corporal Nashawn Taylor, creating a bond with the kids in the Prince George’s County community is a huge priority.

“They look at us as humans in light of everything that is going on,” she said.

Cpl. Taylor works with the kids as a part of the Prince George’s County Police Department’s life and leadership camp. The one week camp runs twice each summer; some say, this year brings special meaning.

“They want to know why certain events have happened,” Cpl. Taylor explained. “Why this person got shot, or why did the police do this. We encourage them to ask us questions,” she said.

Cpl. Taylor says they try to give the kids a new perspective of what it’s like behind the blue uniform. At the camp, the department incorporates one big activity each day; on Thursday, the group took a trip to Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield.

The camp, for 11 to 14 year olds, gives the kids a chance to get to know who the officers really are.

“I like the fact that I feel more safe with the officers. They will always watch you and never leave your side,” said 14-year-old Brooke Smith.

The camp also focuses on life skills and often has speakers come in and help cover everything from health, to landing interviews, to teaching about entrepreneurship.

“The most important thing is developing that relationship at an early age so that they know that we are the good guys and they can count on us,” Cpl. Taylor said.

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