Preparations underway in Maryland with snow hitting DC area for first time in 2019

Plow truck removes snow from highway in Maryland. (ABC7 file photo)

The D.C. area is hours away from the first major snow event of the year. Officials in Maryland are not taking any chances with crews using brine pre-treatments on some main roads.

The entire state has roughly 100 salt domes spread out with roughly 380,000 tons of rock salt. A good chunk of that more than likely is going to be used this weekend.

The Maryland State Highway Administration has to maintain over 17,000 miles of roadway, and it has up to 2,700 pieces of equipment available to fight a winter storm.

Still to early to tell if it’s going to throw the entire arsenal at this snow storm on Saturday.

Hardware stores are busy Friday selling shovel, scrappers and ice-melt. Here at Zimmerman’s Ace Hardware in Burtonsville, ABC7 spoke to one of the first customers to walk in the door.

“I hate the snow and I’m from Cleveland.... an additional shovel," says Scott Holden, a customer.

Regardless if you are using a shovel or a snowblower, experts say don’t over exert yourself. Remember to take plenty of breaks.

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