Potomac man gases up hybrid first time after six months of driving

At a time when drivers are spending almost $4 for a gallon of gas, a Potomac man is making his first trip to the gas station in six months.

But for Jeff Parmet, buying his plug-in electric hybrid car is about more than just saving money.

Parmet hates buying gas. He hates it so much that he hasn't done it in six months -- until now.

"When I drove off the lot the tank was filled with gas, and after six months sadly, iI'm now faced with the proposition of having to buy a tank full of gas for my electric car," Parmet says.

Parmet says he's one of the first buyers of the Chevy Volt electric hybrid car in the D.C. metro region.

Researchers at the American Council for an Energy-efficient Economy ranked the Volt the thirteenth greenest car out of 1,100 vehicles.

The Honda Civic GX and the Nissan Leaf ranked at the top.

Because Parmet works from home, he's only driven 2,500 miles in the car. And because he keeps his battery charged, he's only used eight gallons of gas.

Parmet says even though he charges the car at home, he's only noticed a slight difference in his monthly electric bill. And he says it's all worth it, if he only has to gas up twice a year.

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