7 On Your Side: Are whistleblowers being targeted at a Manassas Post Office?

Photo of Manassas Post Office (ABC7 photo)

ABC 7 News is talking to the U.S. Postal Service driver whose delivery truck caught fire in Manassas, Virginia.

It sparked a 7 On Your Side I-Team investigation that exposed several workers complaining about major issues at the post office on Euclid Avenue.

Postal Worker Tariq Delong says "I started seeing flames. At that point I panicked. I tried to exit the vehicle. The door was jammed."

Delong, who works at the Manassas Post Office on Euclid Avenue, was trapped inside.

Delong adds "I thought I was going to die." Quick thinking saved his life.

Delong says "There was a guy. He said he was a cop. An ex-marine. He came out of nowhere and he was able to get the door open. When he finally got me out the whole truck went up in flames."

Last month, multiple post office workers including Shante Whitmore told 7 On Your Side about equipment malfunctioning, working long hours and non-payment of over time.

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Shante Whitmire says “You are not being paid for the hours you work. If you work 60 hours a week... you're not getting 60 hours."

Galina Page is one of the whistleblowers and says after talking to the I-Team she was placed on new routes with more than 300 packages to deliver compared to a normal route of less than 200 packages.

Page adds "I complain numerous times that I don't get any help.

I-Team Investigator Scott Taylor asks "Do you think you were targeted?"

Page answers "Yes. I think I was."

So far, the post office won't talk on camera saying it is grateful for its hard working employees and added extra shifts during the holidays.

On Monday, while the I-Team was gathering more video outside of the post office on Euclid Avenue a post office official came out of the post office and started taking pictures of the I-Team.

Scott Taylor asks "Are you with the post office? Can you answer some questions… why there are claims there is harassment from management on workers?”

The post office official didn’t answer, but warned the I-Team to be careful in order not to be struck by a delivery truck entering the post office parking lot.

The I-Team has requested several documents from the U.S. Postal Service regarding the Manassas post office. When ABC 7 News receives those documents including any internal investigations into complaints we will update this story.

USPS issued the following response to the allegations that employees are being targeted for talking to ABC 7 News:

The Postal Service does not tolerate any sort of retaliation against those who report misconduct. In addition, we fully recognize the importance for employees to report a violation of any rule, law or policy. Any employee who reasonably believes misconduct may pose a direct threat to the public’s or employees’ interest is strongly encouraged to contact the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General.
Postal Service policy precludes us from commenting on an employee’s medical condition. With that said, the Postal Service will call appropriate emergency personnel, including emergency medical technicians and police, as needed.
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