Portion of Garrett County, Md. town evacuated after propane tanker truck crash

A propane tanker truck overturned in Garrett County, Md. Wednesday, prompting road closures and evacuations. (Photo: Courtesy of Mark Welch/Twitter)

OAKLAND, Md. (WJLA) - School buses home were canceled and a portion of the town was evacuated after a propane tanker truck overturned Wednesday.

The accident occurred just after 10 a.m. in the town of Oakland in Garrett County, Md. Oakland is approximately 60 miles south of Somerset.

WJAC reports that Emergency Management Chief Wayne Tiemersma said no lives were in danger and that Somerset County's hazmat team was called to assist with the cleanup.

Out of precaution, Tiemersma told WJAC the Garrett County Jail and 911 center were evacuated, and several school buses that take students home along routes near the accident were canceled. Several roads were closed around the town, which has around 1,900 residents.

There was no word on how long cleanup would take.

Read more of WJAC's story on the station's website.


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