Pope's Fiat on display at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew in Washington

One of the two Fiats Pope Francis rode around in while visiting Washington, D.C. (Sam Ford/ ABC7)

On display outside St Matthew's Cathedral downtown today was one of the two Fiats Pope Francis rode in during his visit to D.C. last September.

After the Pope's visit, the car company donated the vehicles to the Archdiocese of Washington, which is going to use the vehicles for various causes such as for Catholic Charity events.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, at St Matthew's this evening noted he rode with the Pope in the humble Fiat, surrounded by SUVs. The Cardinal also jokingly noted that he had be "airbrushed out" of the photos displayed.

He said the vehicles would be used for a good cause.

According to a spokesperson for the Archdiocese, Fiat brought eight cars to the U.S. for use during the Pope's visit.

Two each were donated to the church administrations in D.C., New York and Philadelphia. Two others were donated to organizations involved in the papal visit.

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