Police: Yoga studio thefts becoming a trend in D.C. after recent incidents


Yoga Heights does its best to keep crime out by only opening its doors 15 minutes before a class.

But the suspects had a good ruse who recently stole belongings from customers at the yoga studio had a good ruse.

Police said three women played potential customers on April 8 at the yoga studio only to steal from unsuspecting yoga students while a class was ongoing.

In a video shown by police, one of the suspects keeps the worker busy while the two others rummage through personal belongings of the yoga students.

Like most yoga studios, it has cubbies, which allowed for the women to more easily come into possession of the students’ possessions like money and wallets.

In the incident, the women eventually ask to use the bathroom and take a worker’s purse from the back office before leaving the business.

According to detectives, yoga studio thefts are becoming a trend in D.C.

At Yoga Heights, it wasn’t the first instance of theft that’s happened at the studio.

In another incident at a different yoga studio in D.C., two other women seen on camera are also accused of stealing weeks before the April 8 theft.

It’s unclear if all the cases are connected. Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests.

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