Police: White sheet separates working prostitute from infant son at Rockville motel

Alejandra Baraya-Duque (Montgomery County Police)

ROCKVILLE, Md. (ABC7) – A hanging white sheet is all that separated a four-month-old child from his mother while she sold her body for sex, Montgomery County Police allege.

On May 1, plainclothes officers were running surveillance at the Red Roof Inn Plus along Shady Grove Road in Rockville. According to court documents obtained by ABC7, the motel is a “popular location” for prostitution.

Around 6:30 p.m. that day, an officer noticed a man walking room to room while intermittently looking down at his cell phone. Suspicious behavior, the undercover cop thought. He radioed for backup.

Around 6:38 p.m., the officer saw the man enter room 114. Thirty minutes later, the man exited the room, a woman “nervously looking all around” while standing in the doorframe.

Police stopped the man in an adjacent parking lot. He reportedly confessed to meeting a woman named “Sky” on a cell phone app and agreeing to pay her $100 for sex. The man explained that while he had sex with “Sky”, he could hear a baby crying behind a white sheet that was hanging from the motel room ceiling, effectively partitioning the beds.

Around 9 p.m., undercover officers watched as a second man entered the same hotel room, exiting 10 minutes later. Police stopped him as well. He confessed to paying “Sky” $60 for a 10-minute session of sex. The man showed police a photo “Sky” had texted him.

Believing they had collected ample evidence, officers knocked on the motel room door and arrested the woman, identified as Alejandra Baraya-Duque, 20, of Montgomery Village.

Officers confiscated two cell phones and a ledger with “clearly documented acts of prostitution.” They also observed a phone number with an Indiana area code scribbled in ink on one of her arms. Most critical, however, officers found Baraya-Duque’s four-month-old son crying and hungry.

“[The child] was in the room the whole time while his mother carried out multiple acts of prostitution,” the investigating officer wrote in court documents. “[The child] had to be fed by officers on scene.”

According to court records, Baraya-Duque was born in Colombia, but has lived in Montgomery County for at least 10 years. She currently resides in Montgomery Village with her husband, who police gave the infant to.

A commissioner granted Baraya-Duque a $5,000 bond, which she posted. The 20-year-old is scheduled to appear in Montgomery County District Court on June 22 for a preliminary hearing. The Maryland Office of the Public Defender is representing her. It’s unclear who currently has custody of the infant.

While police did detain and interview the two men who admitted to having sex with the woman, no charges were filed. It's unclear if the woman was a victim of human traffic.

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