Police: 3 killed in shooting at Montgomery County home; suspect dead

Police responding to 'domestic disturbance' call with 'multiple people shot inside a home.' (SkyTrak 7)

Montgomery County Police said three people were killed inside a Brookeville home Monday afternoon.

Police said three adults were killed in the shooting by suspected gunman, 41-year-old Christopher Snyder, inside a house at 22002 Brown Farm Way.

According to ABC7's Kevin Lewis, the shooting occurred in a neighbor's home after Snyder's wife escaped from her own home where she had been held captive over the weekend by her husband. Snyder followed her where is then said to have killed his neighbor, an out-of-state visitor and an individual doing house work.

Snyder's wife and two other adults were able to then flee that home unharmed, police said.

After the shooting, police said Snyder returned to his own home where he refused to leave for nearly seven hours following the shooting. He spoke with negotiators by phone.

When police entered around 11 p.m., Snyder was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police said they heard a single gunshot.

Following the shooting, police continued to search the home because there had been talks of explosives inside.

During the search for Snyder, Montgomery County Police warned residents in the area of the 22000 block of Brown Farm Way to "shelter in place." That included eight senior citizens in the Brookeville House Assisted Living Home located around the corner from the scene of the shooting.

SkyTrak7 was live above the scene:

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