Baltimore shooting suspect captured ending high-speed chase through area; 2 arrested

(Photo, CNN Newsource)

A gunman fleeing Baltimore police shot at officers and pedestrians during a chase that looped through the city for at least 20 minutes before he was captured.

Police spokesman T.J. Smith says a pedestrian was hit in the leg Friday and a motorist was shot in the upper body. The driver is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. An officer who initially pulled the suspect over was shot at during the chase, but was apparently not hit.

Police say they believe the suspect is connected to a triple shooting last night that killed one person.

A helicopter shot from a Baltimore-area television station shows a sedan swerving between cars on residential blocks of West Baltimore with cruisers traveling behind. The suspect's car sped through traffic lights, narrowly missing pedestrians and clipping at least one vehicle.

Baltimore Police say the incident started in the Northwest District in the area of Wabash and Rogers.

Officers were able to stop the suspect's vehicle and were seen holding at least one person on the ground. The driver was arrested near the 1800 block of Gwynns Falls, according to authorities.

UPDATE: The shooting suspect who led police on the chase has been identified as 30-year-old Mausean Carter.

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