83-year-old homeowner shoots man who broke into his Prince George's County home

A home invasion in Prince George's County left the suspect in critical condition after he was shot twice. (Photo: ABC7)

An elderly Prince George’s County man said he shot an intruder who broke into his home early Wednesday morning.

The incident happened around 12:30 a.m. at the man’s home in the 11700 block of Chantilly Lane in Mitchellville, when Prince George’s County police were called to the home.

According to police, the suspect broke into the home through the basement window and made his way up the stairs. He was shot by the 83-year-old homeowner, Joseph Parker Sr., when he entered Parker’s bedroom.

Parker told ABC7 it was around midnight when he rustling, then crashing sounds. He first thought an animal was in his attic.

“Then I realized, ‘I’m not alone in this house,’” Parker said.

He heard doors being slammed open. Parker said he then checked for what he calls “a friend under the pillow.”

“I said, ‘If he exits the house without coming into this room, I’m gonna give him a pass. But if he comes into this room. I’m not going to give him a pass,’” he said.

Soon, his bedroom door opened and he saw a man dressed in all black. His face was covered except for his eyes. Parker says he doesn’t remember how many times he fired his handgun, but police told him they found three bullet casings.

“I didn’t want a murder on my hands. I didn’t want to kill anybody. But I didn’t want to be killed,” he said.

The man ran back down the basement stairs and Parker followed, but by the time he reached the door, the intruder was gone.

Parker’s younger brother says he raced to the house as soon as he heard about the break-in.

“I really think, to me, that was heroic. For him at his age, to be able to respond,” Morris Parker said.

Joseph Parker’s son, Joseph Parker Jr., says he’s sorry someone got hurt but “in order to protect himself and defend his home, he did what he had to do.”

“I’m just so glad that the good Lord woke me up when I did because if he had come into that room when I was asleep, this story could have ended far, far differently,” Joseph Parker Jr. said.

The suspect, who fled from the home after he was shot, was later found at 1:40 a.m. in the 3800 block of Clairton Drive after a resident called 911 saying someone was knocking at their door claiming to be injured.

Police confirmed they’ve obtained a warrant for the suspect’s arrest on first-degree burglary charges. The man remains in critical condition after being shot twice in the upper body.

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