Police shoot, kill armed robbery suspect at Checkers in Clinton

Police shoot, kill armed robbery suspect at Checkers in Clinton, Maryland. (ABC7)

Authorities said a robbery suspect armed with a gun is dead after police shot him at a Checkers in Clinton early Monday morning.

Prince George's County Police said they shooting happened in the 8800 block of Woodyard Road near The Landing at Woodyard shopping center.

Officers were called to the Checkers around 3:40 a.m. after one of their officers saw the suspect and found a broken drive-through window at the Checkers. Officers said they saw the suspect inside at the safe and told him to surrender after they set up a perimeter but the suspect did not comply.

An officer noticed the suspect had a weapon and told the others before the suspect came out of a side door holding the weapon. An officer then shot the suspect once and police "immediately began rendering aid to the suspect," but he died at the hospital, according to officials.

The deceased suspect was later identified as 24-year-old Anthony Trice Jr., of Clinton.

Police said no officers were hurt and the shooting was caught by the on-scene supervisor’s in-car camera. They recovered the suspect's car and gun from the scene along with a shell casing matching the gun but did not say went the gun was fired during the incident.

According to police, a Popeye's nearby was also broken into during the night and they strongly believe the two incidents are connected. They are reviewing video from the Popeye's.

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