Police investigating double shooting outside of McDonald's in Montgomery County

Police investigating double shooting in Montgomery County (Tom Roussey/ABC7)

Two men were shot outside a Germantown McDonald’s Tuesday night, and the gunfire shattered the restaurant’s glass while customers and workers were inside.

Montgomery County Police say it happened around 6:20 p.m. outside the McDonald’s at 19660 Gunners Branch Road in Germantown.

Police say there may have been two suspects involved in the shooting. After they were shot the two victims went into the McDonald’s, and from there they were taken to the hospital by medics.

Late Tuesday night Montgomery County Police told us one victim had non-life threatening injuries, and the other was in surgery.

Police say the suspects fled the scene and as of Tuesday night they did not have a description of them ready to make public yet.

Although a bullet shattered glass at the restaurant, no one inside was hit.

"Just after six in a shopping center at a restaurant is a busy time of day. We're fortunate that more people weren't hurt,” said Captain Paul Starks with Montgomery County Police.

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