Police: Group of ATV, dirt bike riders steal, assault employee and break laws

Police: group of ATV, dirt bike riders steal, assault employee and break laws. (@DC_B_Cost)

A large crowd of people illegally riding dirt bikes and ATV's created chaos on the streets of D.C and Arlington Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of bikers alarmed the public after they were seen driving recklessly through traffic and onto sidewalks, running red lights and popping wheelies. Many of them wearing face masks.

According to Arlington County Police, they responded around 6:00 p.m. to the report that a large number of ATVs and dirt bikes had entered Arlington County.

Police say the group robbed an Exxon Mobil on Wilson Boulevard in Arlington before they took off on bikes. Arlington County Police say they are searching for suspects after several members of the large group of ATV and dirt bike riders stole from the gas station, assaulted one of the employees and kicked in the door, causing glass to shatter.

The riders arrived at a gas station in the 1800 block of Wilson Boulevard and allegedly began stealing merchandise. An employee was shoved by one of the suspects when he attempted to confront the group.

The suspects fled the area crossing the Key Bridge into Washington, D.C.

Several ABC7 reporters saw the crowd ride from Arlington into Georgetown and around Washington, D.C.

Arlington County police say this is the first incident like this that they can recall. Unlicensed ATV's and dirt bikes are illegal in Arlington County and DC.

Police were unable to chase the riders because it is simply too dangerous.

However, the act of illegally riding ATV's and dirt bikes through major metropolitan cities is not uncommon. There have been several cases in Washington D.C. in recent years.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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