Police believe multiple people were involved in rising star Swipey's murder

Police believe multiple people were involved in rising star Swipey's murder (Photo: M.O.P.3 Productions/YouTube)

Days after Douglas Brooks was gunned down on Parkway Terrace Dr., Prince George’s police returned to the Suitland neighborhood to remind the community that a killer is still out there.

Brooks, who went by the stage name “Swipey”, was found with multiple gunshot wounds; not far from his mother’s apartment. According to Corporal Harry Bond, investigators are looking for four to five suspects in connection to the rising star’s murder. So far, a motive has not been determined.

“We want to stress to the community that we are out here doing everything we can to find the individual responsible,” said Corporal Harry Bond.

“I just hope they find who did it,” said Ava Gregory.

Fans have been flooding social media, since Brooks’ death on Sunday.

“I feel like his legacy will live on, his music will live on, because he was a great rapper,” said fan Jordan Ransom.

Glen Jones, also known as music producer “G The Mastermind”, was scheduled to work with Brooks on a new song this week and soon a new album.

“Because of how big he was getting, there's a lot of hate in this city and we’re trying to build that unity out here, but it’s hard when.nobody wants to see you shine. It’s unfortunate,” said Jones. “It’s unfortunate that his life had to be cut short.”

There were social media rumors that Brooks’ girlfriend was involved in his murder. Detectives have interviewed her and they say she is not a suspect. So far, no suspects have been named. Anyone with information about his murder, should call police.

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