Police: Bethesda financial consultant uses database to obtain cop's SSN, address, salary

Zak Thompson, left; Eugene Matusevitch, right (Photos: Montgomery County police)

A man livid over a minor traffic citation enlisted the assistance of a "bro" to acquire the ticketing officer's social security number, annual income, home address, cell phone number, vehicle information and other personal details, Montgomery County Police said.

That private data allowed Eugene Matusevitch, 34, of Bethesda, to allegedly harass the sworn officer, and the officer’s extended family, for a number of days. Matusevitch's reported motive: retribution for a $50 traffic fine, which he ardently disagreed with.

According to court paperwork filed in Montgomery County District Court, Matusevitch sent the officer "a ton" of offensive text messages, signed the officer up for " 500+ software demo calls," enrolled his phone number in "100+ drug rehab places" and posted the officer's phone number "all over" Craigslist ads that featured sexual encounters with other men.

Thing is, Matusevitch used his own cell phone during many of the alleged antics, making him incredibly easy for police to track down. When officers served a search warrant on the Bethesda home where he lives, Matusevitch allegedly snitched on his friend, Zak Thompson, 26, also of Bethesda.

According to investigators, Thompson works for Reliance Funding, a financial consulting firm located along Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Bethesda. Court paperwork further detailed Thompson earns $65,000 per year as an account executive. A phone call and voice message left with the business went unreturned.

Investigators note that when they visited Reliance Funding, the owner stated Thompson was not at the office, but promised to pass along their important message. The following day, an attorney representing Thomson called police to state his client would not be granting any interviews with local authorities.

Montgomery County detectives seized Matusevitch's cell phone and laptop computer. The department's Electronic Crimes Unit analyzed both pieces of technological equipment.

Here is an abbreviated sample of Matusevitch and Thompson's resurrected text message chain (sans spelling or grammatical corrections):

Matusevitch: "Yo super random bro but could you submit a research request for me by any chance? Nada to do with settlements at all just really need a phone # not sure where else to go... Very long story short had a really really nasty traffic stop with [a police officer] and court today didn't go my way bc of some bs he told the judge so I'm gonna get back at him somehow."

Thompson: "28 years old doesn't say he works for the moco police but it foes say he lives in Rockville ...."

Matusevitch: "Yeah that's it perfect...Phone #s?...or just DI and email full report if poss lol... or screen shot the good part."

Thompson: "Shoot me ur emails..."

Matusevitch: "Got it thanks again bro. Let's grab HH (happy hour) sometimes in next week or 2 and then blaze one... Like I think you sent me clear report... does Accurint have same #?"

Thompson: "That's our new service TLO. Better than Accurint and clear apparently. So we got rid of clear and Accurint."

Matusevitch: "Lol been ripping that dude to shreds thanks again bro."

Thompson: "Bet lmk (let me know) if u want any help spamming him."

Police have charged Thompson with two misdemeanor counts pertaining to the use of an "interactive computer service" to disclose a person's social security number. He faces up to two years in jail and $1,000 in fines. Thompson is scheduled to appear in Montgomery County District Court on March 15.

According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Thompson has a 2012 DWI guilty verdict and a 2014 DUI guilty verdict on his record, plus a number of traffic citations.

Matusevitch was previously charged with three counts of obscene misuse of a phone and one count of harassing electronic communication, all misdemeanors. He is due in Montgomery County District Court on May 22.

Law enforcement sources tell ABC7 that this case illustrates the ease in which confidential information can be pulled, reviewed and disseminated without proper authorization. It's unclear what oversight and policies are in place at Reliance Funding, plus if Thompson remains employed by the financial institution.

ABC7 is not naming the victimized Montgomery County Police officer in effort to shield his identity, particularly in light of the ongoing situation.

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