Playhouses auctioned for Md. families in need

(WJLA) - Over the last month, you may have noticed eight elaborate playhouses on the Maryland/D.C. border.

"We thought that by creating treehouses for children, it would help us to create safe and happy homes for families that are vulnerable in our area," says organizer Lee Berkley Shaw.

“Rebuilding Together Montgomery County” will auction off these high-end kiddie hideaways Thursday night to raise funds that will help around 150 local families a year

"We go into homes of families that have lived there 20, 30 years and the house is just crumbling around them," says Shaw.

You’re getting a peek inside these masterpieces constructed by professional builders.

"What they came up with was extraordinary -- they have an 8 x 10 platform and a height limit of 10 feet," describes Shaw.

This public display on the plaza was also intended to rebuild imagination.

"If you can get them outdoors and playing creatively, you can inspire new dreams," says Shaw.

Inside this incredible wonderland is everything you need to move, play, and learn. There's a metro car, and as you pedal the wheels, the lights light up and give your kid a sense of satisfaction because they've done so much exercising.

This other play fort has an upstairs with a mesh bed, a full couch and then when mom or dad says it's time to come in, to get out of there it's a quick slide down the fireman's pole to get you where you need to go.

The auction starts Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

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