Piles of undelivered mail dumped on porch of abandoned home in D.C.

Graig Baker spotted something unusual when he took out his garbage Thursday morning.

“I saw an empty USPS crate and just piles of undelivered mail,” said Baker.

Inside the pile of papers, Baker noticed financial records, including some of his neighbors W-2 forms. All of them were dumped in the stairwell of an abandoned home on Q Street.

“Well it’s kind of scary,” said neighbor Linda Wallace. She believes her paycheck might have been part of the pile.

“I went and asked for a replacement check because it never showed up,” she said.

Baker called the police, and the police forwarded the case to the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General.

Baker and his neighbors hope investigators return the mail soon, and figure out who dumped it.

“I would hope a postal service carrier wouldn’t do that, but it’s ridiculous-- we need our mail,” he said.

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