PGCPS teachers demand accountability for unauthorized pay raises

PGCPS teachers demand accountability for unauthorized pay raises (ABC7)

The latest dustup in the already troubled Prince George’s County school system has to do with raises given to people who work not in classrooms but in the system headquarters building.

According to a letter given to ABC7 News Wednesday by school board member Ed Burroughs, the unauthorized by the board raises amounted to 10 to 12 percent.

Theresa Dudley, the teacher’s union president, is now crying foul.

"Our members are outraged," Dudley said. "They’ve been calling me, texting me, they want to know why some people are getting special raises and other people are not."

That question has not yet been answered.

Sources in the system have said it may have been an improper action taken in the HR department, which is being corrected.

Not trusting internal systems to find the truth, Burroughs and two others asked County Executive Rushern Baker to intervene, but he now says he won’t.

"That is the job of the school board and the superintendent to look into every allegation," Baker said. "We want them to do that, and that’s the conversation I've had with them."

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