PG County officer suspended for allegedly taking money for leniency on traffic violations

(Photo, ABC7)

The Prince George's County Police Department has suspended one of its patrol officers as it investigate allegations they took money for leniency on traffic violations.

Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stawinski made the announcement during a news conference Saturday.

"Two separate citizens in two separate incidents stated that an on duty, uniformed, Prince George's County police officer had demanded cash in exchange for leniency with respect to traffic citations," Stawinski said.

Two citizens contacted police to say an officer was taking money for leniency on traffic violations. Police did not release the name of the officer but said they have been with the police department for several years.

"While we have allegations of an officer conducting themselves in a way that would undermine the public trust, I'm asking my community as you have been doing for the last several years to continue to support the overwhelming majority of your officers who are doing your work daily in making you safe," Stawinski said. "This doesn't represent us if it's true."

Stawinski said their investigation into the incident is less than 24 hours old and they are working to determine to see if others are involved.

"I want to be clear: No police conduct results in the passing of cash between citizens and police officers," Stawinski said. "If proven to be true, this is quite simply a crime."

Anyone with information on the incidents or something similar is asked to contact the Internal Affairs Division at (301) 772-4795.

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