Peter TerVeer sues Library of Congress

Broke, mounting doctor's bills and jobless, 30-year-old Peter TerVeer blames his former employer, the library of congress, for his situation.

TerVeer worked as a management analyst at the library. He filed a discrimination complaint claiming he was forced to work in a hostile environment because he is gay.

In the complaint, TerVeer says his boss imposed his religious beliefs and "...wanted to educate me on hell.” The complaint also states, "..he hoped I had repented because the bible was very clear on what god does to homosexuals."

"Oh, it made me feel horrible,” TerVeer says. “It was absolutely the worst feeling in my life."

An email sent to TerVeer from his boss in June 2009 states: "Putting you closer to God is my effort to encourage you to save your worldly behinds!"

In another email, two months later, TerVeer's boss wrote: "Jesus prohibited sexual immorality including homosexuality, adultery and pre-marital sex."

TerVeer says he tried to talk with his boss and other higher ups at the library but got nowhere. Instead, he claims, he received poor job reviews because he spoke up about the alleged harassment.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else,” TerVeer says. “Obviously I need to be made whole. I want my career, I want my career back."

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, chair of the joint committee on the library, recently commented on the case, telling wtop: "There should be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. So we're going to look into this specific case and make sure justice is done. We will make sure we get to the bottom of this."

The library has not commented but has 180 days to respond.

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