Paul Boccone, Chantilly Specialists arrested for illegally selling OxyContin

A local medical practice has been busted by the feds for allegedly selling powerful painkillers at deep discounts.

The man who runs Chantilly Specialists, Paul Boccone, faces a list of charges.

On their website, Chantilly Specialists is called a medical practice and Boccone lists himself as President, CEO and Clinical Laboratory Director.

But he has no medical license. Instead, he lists two law degrees.

Federal authorities have accused Boccone of illegally dealing massive amounts of the drug OxyContin.

FBI agents say Boccone illegally distributed the prescription drug including over 800,000 pills in one year. And more than 14,000 to one patient alone.

Authorities say these so-called patients would drive to the Chantilly office from hundreds of miles away, including Kentucky, Florida, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Pete Coleton who works at a neighboring business, says he's experienced all the trouble first hand from burglaries to drug deals.

"A car would pull up, they would pull something out of their pocket, take money and then the car would drive off," Coleton says.

Boccone was arrested on federal drug and gun charges.

Another employee of the business, Charles Brown Jr. was also arrested.

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