Pashti, Northwest D.C. Afghan hound, dies from heat stroke

The past two days of searing heat and heavy humidity can have effects on every member of your family, including your pets.

For Nancy Stang, those effects reached her 9-year-old Afghan hound, Pashti.

"He was my sweet baby dog," Stang said. "We used to sit out at the Starbucks and people from all over the world would walk up and pet him."

Sadly, Pashti fell victim to the bitter heat wave on Wednesday, dying from what doctors say was heat stroke.

"He just passed away right there on the rug," she said.

Stang says the problems started after her pet's monthly grooming. During the two-hour session in the mobile grooming van, Pashti's long hair was blow dried, which Stang says may have canceled out the air conditioning in the vehicle.

"Because of that, I didn't stop to think (of) how very hot it was," Stang said.

However, Stang said the groomer had to carry a lethargic Pashti back to her apartment, where she later passed away. She was one of two dogs that officials at Friendship Hospital for Animals says died from heat stroke on Wednesday.

"All of the proteins in the blood kind of go crazy and they lose their ability to clot," Dr. Ashley Hughes said. "It causes multi-organ failure."

Despite the loss of her dog, Stang says she holds no grudge against the groomer.

"It doesn't seem real; it doesn't seem possible," she said.

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