Oops: Walmart's 'University of Maryland' t-shirts have wrong state on them

Walmart prints the wrong state on of their University of Maryland school t-shirts. (Photo courtesy of Samantha Ficco via Twitter: @Samficco)

Walmart made an "oops" when printing off University of Maryland t-shirts.

After seeing the t-shirt at a Walmart in Severn, Md., Samantha Ficco took to Twitter to point out their mistake, saying, "Dear Walmart, I want to inform you that you're selling UMD shirts with the state of Massachusetts on them."

Ficco then placed images of the two states side by side, educating Walmart on the difference.

Walmart initially responded, trying to justify their mistake, saying the states were similar. Then followed up with, "The state of Maryland is shaped to dip down on the right hand side which includes the word 'Terps' for the team."

Once realizing their justification wasn't exactly adequate, another representative from Walmart apologized, trying to make light of their error.

"... We may never stick our head out of our shell again!"

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