Only on 7: Osbourn Park High student suspended over penicillin found in gym bag

In a story Only On 7, a Woodbridge family is outraged tonight after, they say, their teenage son was suspended for accidentally bringing penicillin to school.

"It's a drug offense, and it's on his record," said Erica Moore about the suspension of her son Malcom Moore.

"I'm a little nervous, because I'm planning to go to college. I don't want that to show up," said Malcom.

Malcom is a freshman at Osbourn Park High School in Manassas. He's a two-sport athlete, and the family says he's not the type to break rules.

"When I picked him up that day, he cried all the way home, because he was so upset," Erica Moore recalled. "He's like, 'Mom, I've never been in trouble before.'"

Malcom said in a bag where he keeps basketball shoes, he unknowingly had a bottle of penicillin.

"I had it over the summer, and I just forgot that it was in there," he explained.

But he left the bag in a school classroom. A teacher found it, turned it in, and an administrator found the bottle late last week.

"And the penicillin was in the original bottle, prescribed to him, with his name on it, in an outside pouch, and they find that," Erica says. "And they suspend him for five days? He didn't even realize it was in there."

A Prince William County Schools spokesperson says the district can't comment on individual cases, but says the district's drug rules are in place with the safety of all students in mind.

Erica says she respects the need for the rules, but she and Malcom think in this case the punishment went way too far.

"I just want it to be off my record and be clean," Malcom says.

Malcom's suspension was later reduced from five days to two days, which he served Monday and Tuesday of this week.

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