Only on 7: Army investigates allegation soldier drove UMd. student to suicide

Katherine Morris.

A University of Maryland student's suicide has prompted an investigation at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Katherine Morris took her life just days before graduating.

Tonight the 82nd Airborne Division is trying to determine whether Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin drove Morris to suicide.

Katherine Morris' mother says a slick soldier took advantage of her daughter.

Army investigators are trying to determine whether Morris was indeed the victim of fraud.

Police found Morris, 22, inside her car near Arundel Mills Mall early Sunday, May 6.

Just weeks from graduation from the University of Maryland, Morris took her own life.

Marguerite Morris, Katherine's mother, reads a suicide note her daughter left behind.

"Please don't let him get away with what he has done to me and what he is doing. I don't deserve this I can't handle this."

Her family says Goodwin swept the college student off her feet last summer.

"She was naïve, simple fact she was very naïve," says Juanita Long, her cousin. "I think this guy had a plan, sought her out, knew what he was looking for, and he took advantage of her.

Katherine Morris married the soldier. She later told her family he convinced her to keep it a secret.

"He persuaded her to marry him," Marguerite Morris says. "Took the paperwork back to the base and filed for benefits for her."

Marguerite Morris says those benefits added roughly $700 per month to Goodwin's Army pay.

She says when her daughter discovered Goodwin married her only to pad his Army paycheck, the emotionally fragile young woman became despondent.

"It was more than she could handle because she loved him," Marguerite Morris says.

Marguerite Morris went to Fort Bragg armed with evidence. She prompted Army brass to initiate an investigation. Now they say they're trying to determine whether Goodwin married Morris under false pretenses.

Goodwin was in Afghanistan, but was given emergency leave to come home following his wife's death. He's with his family in South Carolina.

Goodwin spoke with a reporter there and said the allegations against him are false and he married his wife because he loved her.

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