One 'vicious' pothole has been causing big problems on D.C.'s Canal Road

One pothole on Canal Road near Chain Bridge is claiming vehicle victims left and right. (ABC7)

Damaged roads are taking it out on tires that can cause hundreds of dollars in damage.

“It’s been vicious,” said Benny Millone, station manager at Exxon on MacArthur Boulevard, NW.

He’s been taking care of cars for 13 years and said this year’s potholes are as bad as he’s ever seen.

One pothole on Canal Road near Chain Bridge is claiming vehicle victims left and right.

“Breaking wheels, swallowing up tires. People are either getting towed in, walking in or limping the cars in,” Millone said.

Since Friday, eight drivers made their way to the MacArthur Boulevard service shop. Most of the vehicles had flat tires but two had cracked wheels.

The Canal Road pothole isn’t large. It’s the location making it tricky to maneuver around.

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“There was no way to avoid it. It will come at you, the surprise,” Salim Butrus said.

Butrus drove into the hole Monday morning and he knew it wasn’t good.

“A big hit and I heard the impact and after that, I heard the noise of the flat tire,” he said.

It will cost $220 for a new tire, plus the cost of a tow truck and Uber ride to get his son to school.

Washington D.C.’s Office of Risk Management said it will reimburse the repair costs if you’re one of the dozen or so drivers with damage from the Canal Road pothole.

The pothole should be repaired within two days.

If your car sustained damage from a pothole in D.C., you can call the Office of Risk Management at 202-727-8600. You will need to document the property damage and keep the receipts for the repairs.

The Department of Transportation also asks drivers to report potholes to 311.

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